By   September 30, 2015

Porsche Boxster Spyder

Porsche Boxster Spyder

The new 981 Porsche Boxster Spyder has been in the shadows of the Cayman GT4 and 911 GT3 RS ever since it was introduced. The GT4 and GT3 RS both have better performance figures than the Boxster and since they were announced first they have held much of the spotlight. From a strict performance stand point the 911 is in a different league and on the track would dust the Cayman and Boxster Spyder.

But most of us don’t drive on a track very often. Is the Boxster Spyder more fun than the GT4 and GT3 RS on normal roads? Can it carve the side of a hill and still have plenty of excitement when driving in a straight line?

Porsche Boxster Spyder Front

The answer to all of this is yes. At the heart of the Boxster Spyder is a 3.8-liter flat-six engine sourced from the 911 Carrera S. Where the S offers 400 horsepower, the Spyder has been detuned a bit to only offer 375 horsepower. While not close to the GT3 RS, it is just 10 horses short of the Cayman GT4.

Thanks to its lightweight construction it can launch you from 0-60 mph in just 4.3 seconds. Like the 987 Boxster Spyder, the new version focused on weight reduction. This is very evident in the manual convertible top with a plastic rear window. While much easier than the last models multi-piece top, it still requires some work versus pushing a button in the standard Boxster. However, the top does save 24 pounds over the standard unit.

Sure the GT4 has plenty of GT3 suspension parts and when pushed it will be more of a precision tool. Then there is the GT3 RS which is on a whole other level. The 911 is a race car for the street and costs quite a bit more than the Boxster Spyder or Cayman GT4.

Though the Cayman and 911 are better machines when driven hard, the Boxster has a few advantages. The most obvious is the convertible top. Styling also gives it an exotic look. Thanks to the large air intakes behind the doors and the power domes (what Porsche calls the two humps behind the driver) we’ve heard that some less informed car enthusiasts have mistaken them for the 918 Spyder in press drives.

So, when you take into account a lightweight car with a good amount of power that can carve a canyon road with ease, you get a very fun ride. Is it better than the GT4 or GT3 RS? No, but it is a great fun machine and if you purchase one you will have a great time every drive. The best remedy would be to buy all three, but since most can’t and the Boxster Spyder is the most attainable, anybody that buys one will have to work hard to wipe that smile off his face.