By   November 12, 2015

Porsche 911 GT3 RS

How Do You Say The Porsche In The GT3 RS’s Name?

One of the most asked questions in the car world is how do you pronounce the word Porsche. Is it Porsh(uh), Porsh or Porsh(eh)?

Some car guys, including Jay Leno, say Porsh while other purists would say it is an unforgivable sin if you say it that way. For many of them Porsh(uh) is how the British guy on the ads says it, so to say anything else would make Ferdinand Porsche roll in his grave. Others will point out that in German it sounds like Porsh(eh), so that settles it, or does it?

We’ve heard many stories on how to say Porsche. Some have said that a Germany friend said that in America it is OK to say it Porsh, but in Germany it should be said Porsh(eh). Others make the case that it should only be pronounced Porsh(uh) at all times out of respect for the family who the company is named after.

What is the difference between someone that says Porsh(eh) and one that says Porsh? The person who pronounces the word Porsh(eh) owns one.

While not a hard fast rule (after all Jay Leno has a few Porsches) it is fairly accurate. Most owners of the cars made by the Germany performance car maker will say the word Porsh(eh) or Porsh(uh) where those that don’t own one will often say Porsh (outside of some car enthusiasts that want to own one, but currently don’t).

I personally said it Porsh(uh) for years until I heard it spoken in German and then started saying Porsh(eh), but I won’t beat you up if you say Porsh. I may make a few jokes (for example, if someone says nice Porsh, I might say I don’t see a Porsh I see a Porsh(eh)), but we won’t start a fight over it (at least I don’t this we will, but then we may not have met yet).

However, to set the record straight as to how it is pronounce in German we are including this short audio clip. The short video shows how the word is said in German and a strong case can be made that this is how we should all say it.

Trouble watching this video? Go to the original YouTube video.

No matter your pronunciation of the word one thing is for certain, some of the best performance cars ever made wear the Porsche crest. Simply put the cars do most of the talking.

So, how do you say Porsche? Let us know in the comments.