By   November 14, 2015

Ferrari 308 GTB

Ferrari 308 GTB

Owning a Ferrari is the dream of many sports car enthusiasts. The prancing horse is one of the few badges that say that you have really made it.

Even though most Ferraris are very expensive to purchase one on the used market you can get an affordable car from the Italian performance car maker (at least affordable by Ferrari standards). One model that is more attainable is the 308 GTB / GTS (the GTB is the hard top Berlinetta and the GTS is the targa top). But just because they can be found for under $60,000 (some examples can cost around $30,000 or less, but those will take some searching to find) doesn’t mean you can afford one.

It is the maintenance that has the potential to kill your budget on a 308. Just how much does it cost to service a Ferrari 308?

A simple oil change costs around $200 depending on the shop that you use. That isn’t to say you can’t do an oil change yourself and save a bit of cash. The job is pretty easy, but with the engine in the middle it is a little different than most other cars. With some research and time it can all be done at home.

The estimated cost for fluids each year is about eight hundred dollars and a major service costs about five thousand dollars. The major service involves belts, tensioners, bearings, seals and gaskets. It needs to be done every 3-5 years. Replacing the clutch will cost you about one thousand eight hundred dollars and figure about six hundred dollars for brakes. O.E.M. tires will run at least four hundred dollars per tire.

If you start with a well maintained 308 GTS / GTB (it should have documentation of maintenance and always make sure to have a pre-purchase inspection) you should plan on an average of $4,000 a year (with most years costing about $2,000 and $7,000 every 3-5 years).

With the cost of entry of a Ferrari 308 GTS / GTB being much less than many other sports cars wearing the badge, many people have purchased them that can just afford the car. Unfortunately, many of these cars can to be neglected because owners have bought them without the income to maintain them. For those that are mechanically inclined you can do all the work yourself and save labor prices. However, you’ll still need to expect to pay Ferrari prices for parts and there will be some specialty tools that you’ll need to get for your tool chest.

All this isn’t to say that the 308 GTS / GTB isn’t a good car. It is a fun to drive car that will still get you plenty of looks. Just make sure to go into the purchase with eyes wide open.

Picture Source: Cloverleaf