By   November 17, 2015

Volkswagen Golf GTE Concept

Volkswagen Golf GTE Concept

How does a Volkswagen Golf packing 395 horsepower and able to rocket from 0-62 mph in just 4.3 seconds sound? If you ask us, it sounds like a very hot hatch indeed.

The VW Golf GTE Concept is capable of just that performance while maintaining the practicality of a hatchback. A plug-in hybrid system is mated to the 1.6-liter turbocharged engine that is used in the Polo R WRC rally car. By itself this power plant offers 295 horses, but when mated to the electric motors it is taken to the next level.


To add additional power front and rear electric motors add up to 113 horsepower each. This allows for up to 226 horses when going in all electric mode. When the electric motors work together with the gas engine the hybrid system allows up to a combined 395 horsepower, but will use electric power as much as possible.

Torque levels look to be very good with a combined 494 lb-ft. of torque available whenever possible (VW hasn’t released the exact specs of when this is the case). Not only is the hatch quick, but the concept also has a top speed of 173 mph. All of this while promising gas mileage of 118 mpg and you have the makings of an automotive unicorn.

VW Golf GTE Interior

Being a concept car the GTE has bold styling. The car both inside and out has sharp angles that would likely be somewhat curved should the hybrid make it to production. Items like the unique steering wheel and gullwing style doors will probably not make it to a road car.

Still with the hybrid system being used for an all-wheel drive system this Golf should hold its own on the track. The GTE takes the hot hatch concept that started with the GTI and bring it into the modern era. While it is just a concept, we are hopeful that this car will make it to the road (and we are ready to review it as soon as it does).