By   November 23, 2015

MotorWeek's John Davis at the LA Auto Show

MotorWeek’s John Davis

The LA Auto Show started last week with media days and is open to the public now. The show is the biggest automotive show on the west coast and is covered by most major automotive media outlets.

One of the folks attending the show was John Davis, the host of the awarding winning PBS program MotorWeek. John took a bit of time out of his busy schedule to talk to us about the show and the industry in general.

This video features Mr. Davis at the show as he talks about the cars and more. It features footage of cars like the new Fiat 124 that debuted in LA.

He also talks about hybrid performance cars, self driving cars and the VW diesel scandal. It was great to talk to such a knowledgeable car guy and he answered everything off the top of his head, showing just how vast his knowledge is.

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