By   February 20, 2016

Ferrari 458 Spider Taking Two Parking Spaces

Ferrari 458 Spider Poorly Parked

Ferrari makes some gorgeous vehicles that are also very expensive. The current cheapest car from the Italian sports car maker is the Ferrari California T Hardtop which starts at $202,723. Even if you purchase a few year old used 458 Spider like the car pictured above your looking at a price tag ranging between $200,000 and $350,000 depending on condition, mileage and year.

With these cars costing such a large amount of cash it creates a popular stereotype. Namely that many Ferrari owners are rich jerks. We’ve had the pleasure of meeting quite a few Ferrari owners (as well as owners of other high priced automobiles) and most are great people that are mindful of others.

While the majority of high performance car owners think of others, there are still quite a few douchbag Ferrari owners (as well as drivers of Porsches, McLarens, etc.). The driver of the above pictured 458 Spider is one of those people that help keep this stereotype of inconsiderate Ferrari owners going.

The point of this article is not so much to showcase one douchey Ferrari owner, but to show how others can see this as being a jerk. I can understand the argument for trying to keep people from denting your pride and joy by taking up two spaces, but it gives all of us premium automobile owners a bad name.

So, doing act like an idiot and instead park in a single space. Finding a spot that only allows for a single car on one side and parking as far away from that vehicle as possible would be the best way to keep your car dent free while not being a jerk.

What do you think? Is it OK to park in two spaces if you are protecting a nice car or does it help spread bad stereotypes? Scroll down to let us know what you think in the comments.

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  • Carl

    Taking 2 spaces like that just raises the ire of other drivers and openly displays the attitude of ” entitlement” some of those owners apparently have…
    It is just a friggin car….if you can afford to drive it…leave it at home…..wash, Polish and admire it….and let the next owner have all the fun…
    And you wonder …..WHY…..some cars get keyed…

    • Scott Jenner

      exactly by acting like an arrogant douche you risk the anger of those who want to key your car.

  • Fred Daniali

    So what’s the big deal? Have you seen some of the small undersized parking spots??? Why would I want to park my Ferrari in a way that allows some Douchbag to come and dent it? Blame the people who try to squeeze 25 spots out of a space that was designed for 20. Hey, If I parked a Honda civic there I could care less… but why should I subject something that I spent my hard earned money on the opportunity to get damaged?