By   February 22, 2016

Ferrari SF16-H

Ferrari SF16-H F1 Car

Ferrari unveiled the new 2016 SF16-H Formula 1 car. The debut was streamed live online and over one million people followed the reveal of the F1 competition machine between the company’s website and social media.

As you know the designation for the new car is SF16-H. The SF in the name stands for Scuderia Ferreri and the 16 lets folks know that it is for the 2016 season. The H stands for the hybrid system that helps make the new car more efficient than the outgoing model.

This video features the Scuderia Ferreri team, including driver Sebastian Vettel, talking about the new race car. It shows footage of the SF16-H and goes over some of the changes for the new car as well as the team talking about their hopes for the 2016 season.

Changes for the SF16-H include the more efficient hybrid system that helps get more power from less fuel. The front nose has been reworked and new regulations have been put in place to attempt to help F1 cars sound better. The sound change involves having a separated exhaust for the wastegate that is said to make the car sound better. We look forward to hearing the car in action when the season starts.

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