By   April 1, 2016

Chevy Corvette Z06

Chevrolet Uses Corvette to Help the NFL

With cars like the Camaro and Corvette, Chevrolet knows a thing or two about going fast. They have announced that they will be using this technical knowledge to help some of the NFL’s best athletes become faster and be safer on the field.

It takes a lot of lower body strength and traction to help get from point A to B faster. It also requires balance to help you turn corners with more precision. In all of this keeping the player from getting hurt is of the utmost importance.

How Chevy Will Make the Game Safer

While making players faster and stronger is a large part of Chevy’s plan in working with the NFL, safety is an even more important part. In a game huge collisions can be very dangerous and can cause concussions or other serious injury.

To help make the most popular sport in the USA safer, Chevrolet will introduce technology used in their air bags. On each major collision sensors that will be put inside each player’s uniform will judge how violent a collision is. For harder hits airbags will deploy from the padding and helmet.

To help further protect a player’s head from injury crumple zones will be designed into helmets to help better take the impact of hard hits. The combination of the two should help keep your favorite stars in the game with less possibility of injury.

The unfortunate side effect of the new technology is the need to change helmets and padding after a hard hit. Because of this players will be able to use special changing areas on the sideline to get new equipment on after any play that causes their helmet to crumple or their air bags to deploy. While players will have to miss a few plays or a series it will help keep them healthier for a longer period of time and will reduce the long term effects of a professional Football career.

How Chevy will Help Player Speed

Dez Bryant is one of the first athletes that Chevrolet will be working with and with all of his talent many others in the NFL think that the help may give him an even more unfair advantage. To help Mr. Bryant perform even better he will wear shoes and gloves that use rubber that the American automaker developed in conjunction with Goodyear. The footwear will feature rubber tread studded versions for traditional grass fields and a thinner tread without studs for artificial surfaces.

The shoes will be heavier than most and weight just over 5 pounds each. To help Dez adapt to the added weight a 10 pound version will be used for practice. This will also aid the star wide receiver for the Dallas Cowboys in increasing his lower body strength.

They will also offer an intense training program that will use a Corvette Z06 and a bit of fear reaction. The car will be used to “chase down” players as they try to run from the oncoming car. Similar to a zombie run, but with a very fast zombie. The sports car will have its top speed electronically limited to 40 miles per hour and will be padded to ensure player safety.

Chevrolet Aids Player Hands

For catching the ball gloves with rubber inserts are being developed. The special gloves will allow for a player to catch the ball easily with one hand as the ball will stick to the rubber tread. The added weight from the rubber in the gloves will also help make the player more balanced which will help them make sharper cuts on the field.

The Payers

As we said earlier the first player that Chevrolet will work with is Dez Bryant, but Richard Sherman and Tom Brady are also signed up to team up with the automaker.

Our Thoughts

The NFL and Chevrolet may seem like unlikely partners, but if players can become faster and stronger while making the game safer it could be a great thing. We will start seeing changes to the game this coming season with even more safety changes planned for the following season.