By   April 9, 2016

Matt Farah Driving a Porsche 928 S4

Matt Farah Driving a Porsche 928 S4

At one time the Porsche 928 was planned to replace the 911 (at least according to most accounts, although some say that the 944 Turbo was to be the replacement). That never happened and what was one of the best GT cars ever made is no longer in production.

The 928 was the first car from Porsche with a V8 engine sitting up front. A transaxle was placed out back to help with balance and that helped make it one of the best handling cars on the road in its day.

The 928 is just made for spirited driving while it eats away the miles. It may not be the quickest car in the world (even in its time), but it isn’t slow and has some wonderful unique styling.

In this video our friend, Matt Farah, drives a very clean Porsche 928 S4 on some nice back roads. The car is mostly original except for the exhaust, wheels and steering wheel.

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