By   May 11, 2016

Camaro ZL1 10-Speed Transmission

Cameo ZL1 10-Speed Transmission

In the world of fast shifting transmissions most consider Porsche’s dual-clutch PDK transmission to be the best on the market. This may no longer be the case, at least in terms of quick shifting, as Chevrolet claims that their tests show the new 10-Speed Hydo-Matic transmission used in the Camaro ZL1 offers faster shifts.

Just how much quicker does it change gears over its German rival? Upshifting from 1st to 2nd gear is 36 percent faster and 2nd to 3rd and 3rd to 4th are 27 and 26 percent faster.

Chevy Camaro ZL1

“You touch the paddle and the gear changes with immediacy,” said Aaron Link, ZL1 lead development engineer. “The shifts happen so quickly and without delay that it almost feels like an extension of your reflexes. It’s a much more involving experience for the driver that really helps improve confidence and performance on the track.”

“There is simply nothing like the experience offered with the new 10-speed automatic in the Camaro ZL1,” added Link. “It delivers nearly instantaneous, lightning-fast shifts that alter your perception of what an automatic transmission can offer in a high-performance vehicle – whether you’re on the street, drag strip or road course.”

The 10-speed transmission helps the ZL1 manage better overall performance due largely to its wider 7.39 overall gear ratio spread. This helps enhance the all important off the line performance thanks to the first gear ratio of 4.70. It then uses smaller steps between gears to help the supercharged, 640 horsepower , 640 lb-ft of torque V8 maintain the optimum speed and the most available power. This is the case at nearly all speeds, but special care was taken to ensure the more power was available when exiting a corner on a track.