By   June 2, 2016

Ford Focus RS

Ford Focus RS

A Ford Focus RS offers an ample variety of modification opportunities that can make your already-great car even better. Still, with a car built as well as the Ford Focus RS, there are some things that should be left intact. Check out this video:

As for what to modify and what not to, the recommended guide is as follows:

Mod It

Feel free to modify these parts to your heart’s content.

  • Exhaust: The exhaust may work fine as is, but modifying it can provide an extra audible oomph and roar without detracting from your Focus’s engine power.
  • Springs: Sport-lowering springs are a recommended upgrade, as they contribute to a lower center of gravity that results in improved handling.
  • COBB Accessport: A Cobb Accessport, located to the bottom right of your steering wheel, can help you fine-tune your Ford Focus RS’s performance without relying solely on a mechanic.
  • Sway Bar: Customizing the sway bar is recommended if you’re not comfortable with the overall feel, as it can be fine-tuned to your liking.
  • Brake Rotors and Pads: Improved cooling is the benefit of upgraded performance rotors, which also leave less dust and improved grip.
  • Intakes: This is a highly recommended mod, as replacing the factory air intake provides more power by opening up the engine bay.
  • Carbon Fiber Parts: Although the Ford Focus RS does not have carbon fiber parts, it’s no problem to add them if you’re looking for reduced weight and/or a nice look.

Leave It

Don’t tamper with these parts on your Focus RS. They’re already perfect as is.

  • Intercooler: Ford actually had to go through the trouble of installing a blanking plate because the RS’s intercooler was overly efficient. That means it’s unlikely a mod will do better.
  • Wheels: It’s hard to beat the default wheels for the RS – anyone will be impressed by its Michelin Pilot Super Sports 19-inch wheels. If modifying, just modify the superficial aspects, because the power and handling is already top-notch.
  • Brake Calipers: The RS uses Brembo calipers that are widely acclaimed, making a modified brake caliper largely unnecessary.

As for the seats, they’re not necessary to modify at all, but if you desire heated and/or custom seats it’s certainly a possibility. The RS has a variety of modding opportunities, so be sure to prioritize the ones that make most sense. Before the arrival of the new Ford Focus RS, it’s worth considering how to improve your old reliable.