By   June 20, 2016

Porsche 919 Hybrid at Le Mans

Porsche 919 Hybrid at Le Mans

This year’s 24 Hours of Le Mans featured one of the most exciting finishes in recent history. However, if you were watching it on Fox Sports 1 you were probably caught off guard during the last hour which included the exciting finish. Coverage was switched to Fox Sports 2 which was a last minute programming change. This was a change that was not well communicated and left many wondering how to watch the last hour of the race.

For many that didn’t know to change the channel or that you could watch it streaming from Fox Sports Go, it may have felt like the infamous Heidi NFL game. In 1968 the NFL was it the juggernaut that it is now and for those watching the NY Jets and Oakland Raiders playing a game that saw the Raiders come from behind to score two touchdowns in the last minute they couldn’t wait to see the final plays. However, NBC had planned to show Heidi on the east coast at 7:00pm and cut to that programming in the final and most exciting minutes.

For those not able to see the end that featured Porsche getting their 18th overall Le Mans victory we are sharing this video of highlights of Porsche at the race. The win came on the last lap and featured the leading Toyota stalling coming out of the pits which opened the door for the German performance car maker to get the win. This video was provided to us by Porsche and gives a small taste of the excitement of the endurance race.

Trouble watching the video? Go to the original YouTube video.

  • Carl Moore

    I hope the Detroit “watch parties” that the Fox announcers kept referring to were as pissed as the rest of us with this. I had it set to DVR, imagine how pissed I was to see the 2008 golf replay on my DVR instead of the race. With Ford, Chevy, Porsche, and Audi advertising budgets those folks should speak up and have LeMans change networks asap. By the way, I have Dish, without FS2, and an internet connection that won’t support streaming.

    • Tim Topp

      Internet connection didn’t matter either. I had (operative word) on my wireless device, FS Go, and every time I tried to connect, I’d get a fox notice saying I was “not connected to internet” which I was. I dumped the FS app. “F” them.