By   July 5, 2016


Your business and your car need to match. While you might love your little Peugeot 206, it isn’t going to cut it when you need to make a delivery when starting out in your business.


Whether you choose to take the plunge and purchase a new business vehicle or lease a car and enjoy the ability to swap it for something new in a couple of years time to better suit your needs, consider the following and ask yourself – what do you need when it comes to a car for your business needs? Is it…



You don’t want a van but you still need a good looking vehicle that can transport goods when needs be, right? Which is why a high quality hatchback is probably your best choice and you can’t go wrong with a Skoda Superb. The boot space is impressive and once the seats are folded down it can be used to cart all manner of goods around. 


Suggested cars: 

Skoda Superb 



Picking up clients from the train station for meetings? Then you need a car that speaks volumes when it comes to comfort and luxury. We’re not talking a two-seater sports car but something like a high spec BMW or Audi with leather seats should do the trick. 


Suggested cars: 

Audi A4

BMW 5 series 

…economic fuel consumption? 

Does your business require you to drive up and down the country to visit clients and suppliers? Then you’re going to need something that can keep up on the motorway but that will also take it easy when it comes to fuel consumption. A large engine is great for capacity but you also want a car that handles this economically – a Ford Focus is a good choice as it’s large enough to carry everything you need, offers plenty of comfortable features and is great for motorway driving.


Suggested cars: 

Ford Focus 

Volkswagen Passat 


…the ability to change the vehicle regularly? 

Is it important that you have the ability to swap and change your vehicle for something new every few years? Then you need to speaking to a vehicle leasing service and choose a car that suits your needs. Doing this allows you to take on a high spec, practically brand new vehicle that you can enjoy before handing back and swapping for something even better or that suits your needs more next time. 

Picture Sources: Noebu, M 93