By   July 14, 2016

BF Goodrich g-Force Sport Comp-2

BF Goodrich g-Force Sport Comp-2

Cars like the early Porsche Boxster (986) and 911 (996) are now extremely affordable. In fact you can get an early Boxster for as low as $5,000. However, even though you can pay a small amount of cash for the German sports car, parts are not as cheap as other cars (simply stating the obvious).

One area that can cost quite a bit is the tires. If you go for something like the Michelin Pilot Sport PS2 or Pirelli PZero Rosso expect to pay about $1,200 for a set of four. But what do you do when you didn’t pay very much for the car and want a good ultra high performance tire that won’t break the bank?

Enter the BF Goodrich g-Force Sport Comp-2 tire (we had originally order the all season tires, but they were back ordered). The tire uses a silica-infused tread compound which provides improved wet traction over BF Goodrich’s previous ultra-high performance tire – a prime goal of development. They managed to do this while also giving the g-Force Sport Comp-2 better dry adhesion.

The treads also use a unique g-hook patter (they resemble a fishing hook). Although a tire is only as good as its sidewall and the reinforced sidewalls greatly help improve cornering.

all this technology results in a tire that BF Goodrich claims will stop 9 feet sooner than the competition in the dry. This improves to 16 feet when conditions get wet.

The cost of a set of four Comp-2 tires for an early Boxster is about $600 installed. With similar road performance to the higher priced Michelin Pilot Sport PS2 or Pirelli PZero Rosso, you wonder why one would even think of buying the more expensive tires.

The main difference is that the higher prices competition are N-spec. What does N-spec mean? Without going into full details, it means that Porsche has tested and approved of the tires.

The Sport Comp-2s are not N-spec, so they have not been tested and approved by Porsche. Having said this they are one of the best non-N-speced set of rubber out there. They are perfect for the road with no noticeable added noise on the set we tested. They are good for the occasional track day or some autocross, but they probably are not what you want in a dedicated track tire.

In this video we review the ultra-high performance tires on streets like what most people will use on a regular basis. While the limits of the tires are much higher, this is what most folks will do if they purchase the tires. We give our thoughts on the tires on an early Porsche Boxster and let you know if we think it is a good choice for someone wanting a great tire, but not wanting to spend too much money.

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