By   July 22, 2016

Jeep Grand Cherokee

Jeep Grand Cherokee

AutoPacific has announced the winners of their Ideal Vehicle Awards. The Jeep Grand Cherokee took home the title of Most Ideal Mid-Sized SUV for the sixth consecutive year. The Dodge Challenger also took home an award with it being named Most Ideal Sporty Car for the fourth year.

To choose the winners people who have owned their car for at least 90 days were surveyed. They were asked questions about 15 categories. These include the ride and handling, interior storage, safety features, power and acceleration and technology.

Dodge Challenger

“The Jeep Grand Cherokee has been a consistent winner in AutoPacific’s Ideal Vehicle Award research. For the last six years, Grand Cherokee owners have rated the vehicle as the SUV best targeted to its owners’ wants and needs,” said George Peterson, president of AutoPacific. “Grand Cherokee owners want very little changed. This is a testament to the excellence Jeep planners, designers and engineers have in understanding exactly what their customers want.”

“The Dodge Challenger has a wide product range that provides what Sporty Car drivers want. Challenger has hit its target out-pointing Sporty Car competitors in Ideal Vehicle attributes.”

Over 65,000 owners of 2015-2016 models were surveyed for the award. The award is a good benchmark of initial customer satisfaction.