By   July 23, 2016

Potential VP Tim Kaine and a Tesla Model 3

Tim Kaine

If you’re online today then you know that Hillary Clinton picked Tim KainePorsche 911 with the majority of the lineup now being turbocharged (with the exception of the GT3 and GT3 RS). This allows for more fuel efficiency and better performance, but does change the character of the car slightly – a huge deal in a legend like the 911.

So, how would Tim Kaine stand on this? Well first we know that Mrs. Clinton is huge on climate change and would like to take gas guzzlers of the road – of course like most politician this is mainly for others, as she continues to ride in gas guzzling limos and fly in private jets that use quite a bit of fuel. It is then no surprise that Mr. Kaine is also an advocate for stricter emission and fuel mileage regulations.

Kaine has made numerous comments about clean energy and from our research, he appears to like the concept of cars like the Tesla Model 3. He also wants electricity to move over time from dirty sources like coal (which keeps electric cars from truly being clean) to sources like solar, air and water.

So, the bottom line is if Hillary wins, both she and her VP will attempt to force automakers into more hybrids and electric cars. While this is not necessarily a bad thing, it is sad if this leads to cars without a soul. We can hope that future cars will be like the McLaren P1 and Porsche 918 Spyder and not like the numb Nissan Leaf (and to a lesser degree the Tesla models).

Before you think I’m for or against a Hillary – Kaine ticket, I’m one that isn’t really excited about either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump for President. I think we should just start the entire primary over with new candidates, but that isn’t going to happen.