By   July 28, 2016

1998 Ford Ranger

1998 Ford Ranger

How do you get added attention for the Craigslist ad for your 1998 Ford Ranger? If you are Lauro you take some incredible photographs, some of which are better than those found in many magazines. Just look at the image above and see if you can’t just imagine a newer truck with Built Ford Tough plastered on it for a poster.

The jaw dropping photography makes you want to drop the $2,500 for the car even with a few flaws in the body. Each dent appears to just add some character to the truck. The ad has Reddit going crazy with over 1,500 up votes on the popular Cars SubReddit as of the time of this writing. We were able to get in contact with Lauro (the guy behind the camera) and get to know a bit more about how he got the idea to use the stunning photography.


Us: Did you take the photos in the ad yourself?

Lauro: Yea I did, some were taken when I first started shooting cars back in October of last year and some were recent.

Us: How long have you been doing photography?

Lauro: I have been shooting automotive since October of 2015. I have had a camera for a while for getting images of my family but never studied until I started shooting automotive.

1998 Ford Ranger

Us: Do you normally take pictures of cars or do you usually take other types of photos?

Lauro: As of now, my main focus is automotive. It is the only area of photography that I have studied and practiced relentlessly.

Us: What gave you the idea of using professional quality photos in a Craigslist listing?

Lauro: Most automotive photos are popular because of the content. How do you get attention with boring content… Make the photos stand out!

As of the time of these questions a link to the ad has over 1,500 up votes on the Cars SubReddit, what has it been like getting the extra attention?

Lauro: I honestly had no idea that it was getting this attention. I’ve seen it shared around Facebook here and there and have had increased traffic, emails about my ad but nothing crazy.

1998 Ford Ranger

Us: If you could drive any car or truck what would it be?

Lauro: I work at a large dealership and have driven almost every make and model you can think of outside of hypercars so I guess that’s my answer. Maybe a [Pagani] Zonda or a Formula 1 car. Now if I can race it, I’d choose a top fuel or funny car.

Us: Any plans of doing a similar ad for another vehicle?

Lauro: Everything I post for sale, I plan on using my photography to my advantage. If it becomes in demand, that’s awesome! I would love to shoot full time!

Another car for sale

1981 Malibu

Lauro also let us know that he has another car that will be up for sale soon. The above pictured 1981 Chevrolet Malibu looks like it could be on the cover of a muscle car magazine. We have a feeling that the photography will help sell this one very fast.

Hire the man


From the samples of work that we’ve seen so far we think he has a lot of potential in automotive photojournalism. We wouldn’t be surprised if a large magazine contacts Lauro very soon. In fact we’d hire him ourselves if we currently had an opening for the position.

Photos: Lauro G Chavarria III