By   August 11, 2016

Porsche 911 SC

Porsche 911 SC

For quite some time the Porsche 911 SC had been the most affordable option in a 911. That is no longer the case with the 996 now taking its place and early 997 values are also falling quickly.

Prices of all air-cooled Porsches have risen over the past few years. The cost for an example in good condition will set you back about $28,400 with excellent examples run about $44,200. Top of the line concours quality SCs go for about $62,000.

To put those prices in perspective, a few years ago about $15,000 could find you plenty of very well maintained good cars. So, had you purchased a decent 911 SC then you would have nearly doubled your value.

Part of the reason for the price raising is the fact that less air-cooled cars are on the road. But just how rare is a Porsche 911 SC?

Total production of the 911 SC was 57,972 from 1978-1983 worldwide. Of this number 25,606 were sent to the USA. The SC is a dependable car that has less issues and received some rust protection. Because of this and the fact that prices of decent cars never dipped below $10,000 (where people are less likely to maintain the vehicles) there are still roughly 70% of the US cars on the road. So, from estimates we found in our research there are approximately 17,900 SCs that have not been junked.

This means that there are still a decent number of cars to choose from if you are looking to buy a 911 SC. While this will hold the value down a bit, as we get further removed from the air-cooled 911 era demand will continue to grow and the supply will continue to shrink. It may not be the most rare Porsche model, but it is one that you may want to consider getting now, before prices get out of reach.

  • Tim Keller

    These are great cars and I’m looking to get one soon. Just want to find the right one instead of a money pit.