By   August 14, 2016

Porsche Cayenne

Porsche Cayenne

Yesterday, we run a controversial article about if Porsche should have built any 4-door vehicles. Let me state for the record, that after you drive a Porsche Cayenne, Macan or Panamera, you will go away with the same feeling you get when you drive one of the brand’s traditional sports cars. It is amazing how a large car like a Panamera feels like it shrinks around you when you hustle it around the track. When driving it you feel like you are driving a 911, if you don’t look back (and don’t notice that the engine sound is ahead of you instead of behind you).

Currently, I have a Dodge Challenger as my family car and it works well for four people (especially if your children are old enough to buckle themselves, but not yet teenagers). However, as your family grows additional space in a vehicle to haul the crew becomes needed. I prefer higher end performance cars and Porsche is one of my favorite brands, so the Porsche Cayenne is on the short list for a family cruiser.

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While the Panamera would be my preference over the SUV (especially after the latest facelift), it only seats two in the back, so isn’t quite as useful if you have over two children. This leaves us with the Cayenne or Macan as Porsche choices. Both are good options if you have up to three children (which fits most families in the US). But, what is your option if you have over three children or if you want to be able to take a few of your child’s friends along for a trip?

Currently, you’re out of luck if you want this and a Porsche crest on the front. You can choose something like an Audi Q7, a Volvo XC90 or, heaven forbid, a mini-van.

This brings me to the main point of this article. The Cayenne was fine being a five seater when the Macan didn’t exist, but now that you have a smaller SUV that seats five, should the Cayenne offer a third row of seats? Offering a seven seat version of the Cayenne would make Porsche ownership open to a new segment of the market.

If Porsche did decide to add two more seats to the Cayenne in the next model refresh, the Audi Q7 could be used as a base. Similar to how the Macan uses the same platform as the Q5. Just imagine being able to pass many traditional sports cars in a Porsche Cayenne Turbo with seven passengers.

What do you think? Should the next refresh of the Porsche Cayenne offer seven seats?

  • Kevin W.

    I’ve wanted 7 seats in my Cayenne for years. It’s the reason I own both the Cayenne and a Ford Explorer. I enjoy the Porsche more, but the Ford has two extra seats that I need when family visits.

  • Alain Feld

    “The Panamera feels like it shrinks around you when you hustle it around the track. When driving it you feel like you are driving a 911? ”
    Sorry but which Panamera did you drove around the track? (have to be the new one) Or you compares the Panamera whit a classic 911? The panamera (more then 2 tons) will never feel like a 911. I drove then both in divergent models but I never had the feeling the that the Panamera felt like a 911. My daily driver is a 911 TT

    • David Hurth

      First thanks for reading the article and taking the time to comment.

      To clarify I drove the complete Panamera lineup (from the Turbo on down) on the track during the previous redesign. It definitely doesn’t compare to a 911 TT, but a 991 Carrera and the Panamera Turbo are fairly comparible from a performance stand point, but with handling differences. Having said this, I was more comparing the way they make the driver feel focused on the road. They perhaps don’t handle exactly the same and the performance of the Panamera is always going to be weighed down, but even in that large cabin you feel focused on the task at hand as if it was a smaller car.

      Hope that clarifies what I was intending to convey and thanks again for reading. Also enjoy that 911 TT.

      • Alain Feld

        Thanks David for this answer. I understand now better what your were saying. And i agre. I’m not saying the Panamera is a not as good as the 911. It’s just not a 911 and (i hope) it never wil be. Thanks again and keep up de good work.