By   August 15, 2016

Porsche Boxster 986

Porsche Boxster 986

Currently, the early Porsche Boxster (986) is the biggest bargain in the Porsche world. Sure you can find a 944 or 924 for less cash, but the 986 represents a more modern car with a flat-six engine right in the middle.

For as low as $5,000 you can get a good mid-engined roadster that will have many thinking you payed quite a bit more. The earlier non-S Boxster may not be the fastest in a straight line, but it is a thing of beauty driving it in the curves.

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The styling is more feminine in the earlier cars than in the latest 718 Boxsters, but that isn’t to say it’s a girl’s car. It’s far from it and it will put a smile on anyone’s face.

This video is the first of a series that we will be creating chronicling owner stories. The footage shows our Editor in Chief talking about his daily driver Porsche Boxster (986). David talks about why he chose the 986 over a 996 and his future plans for the roadster.

Trouble watching the video? Go to the original YouTube video.

  • Ted J

    I didn’t know these were so cheap. Now you have me tempted to buy one, will look good in my garage next to my Mazda Miata.