By   August 31, 2016

Classic and New Porsche 911

Classic and New Porsche 911

Each day we will ask you a performance and/or luxury car question. You submit your answers in the comments and then the next day we will follow it up with the answers that we thought stood out most.

For today’s question we want to know if you would purchase a classic car over a new model or the other way around? Would you take the modern technology and comforts or go for a simpler car that provides a more pure driving experience?

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  • King James

    Gotta go with the classic car.

  • Some call me Tim

    With how fast the new cars are, they are just more fun.

  • Robby Baby

    I would take the classic car. Better looks, experience and won’t depreciate anymore.

  • Marky

    Gotten go with the vintage ride.

  • Frank

    While I love classics, I would probably buy a new car.