By   September 3, 2016

Porsche or Ferrari

Porsche or Ferrari

Yesterday we asked you if you would choose a Porsche or Ferrari if money was no object? Below are the comments that we found most interesting.

Each day we ask you a performance and/or luxury car question. After you submit your answers in the comments we post those that we think stood out most. Keep reading to see what you said to yesterday’s question.


This is my third Porsche I have owned so I’m all about the Porsche. Though looking at that Ferrari make me pick that one. But sence money’s no object, I would than go out and buy a 2017 Turbo S!!!!


Ferrari all the way! As below, except for the 918, there is no comparison. Anyone not picking Ferrari has never driven one!


German engineering from Stuttgart without hesitation ! 70% of Porsches ever made are still on the road today…i have a 30 year olde p-car that i still drive regularly, reliably, and track occasionally. *If money were no object…I would go for the 918 for a street car AND 919 for a track car…wheeeee…and maybe even a 991 Turbo S for a “beater” daily driver…**You did say “If money was no object…”

Antonio Monroy via Facebook:

Porsche! Always!

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