By   September 8, 2016

Porsche 928

Porsche 928

Yesterday we asked you what car gets no respect that should? Below are the comments that we found most interesting.

Each day we ask you a performance and/or luxury car question. After you submit your answers in the comments we post those that we think stood out most. Keep reading to see what you said to yesterday’s question.


The oil crisis made Porsche produce a slow 928 in 1977. Nothing wrong with exceptional handling and most modern sports cars use Weissach rear axle steering system basics. The 928GT was the fastest production car in 1989.


The Porsche 996 should get more respect. It is a good 911 that the IMS issue doomed.

Ed Turney:

The 928 is rated low for some pretty good reasons. With the truck size steering wheel,and it’t “UNPORSCHE” handling,and relatively poor performance. The Panamerica cured all the 928 faults and raised the standard so high very few autos can attempt to achieve.


The Porsche 944 should get more respect.

Those are the comments we chose this time. Be sure to comment on our next question and see if we chose your thoughts.

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