By   September 21, 2016

McLaren 570GT MSO

McLaren 570GT MSO

The Financial Times is reporting that Apple is attempting to purchase McLaren. The acquisition is thought to be one to further the company’s plans to a self driving car.

However, the fact that they are looking at an exclusive nameplate is a bit of a puzzle. Certainly McLaren has the engineers and technology that it can make a car for Apple, but should it? Currently, the Marquee stands for one of the most exclusives supercar brands in the world.

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Sure in recent years the British performance car maker has become more affordable, but the price for a “cheap” McLaren is still well over $150,000. While Apple in electronics is thought of as more of a premium brand, it is still somewhat affordable for the masses. The cars from McLaren simply are not.

The big question is, would McLaren’s still be exclusive or would a truly affordable car be produced? If a cheap McLaren (think in the $30,000 range) is made, would they still produce the ultra high end cars and would these sell as well or would the brand image affect supercar sales? The other option may be that Apple uses McLaren to build a less expensive car, but under a different badge as not to lower the McLaren image.

Lastly, the British automaker not only builds road and race cars, but they also offer data solutions and analysis. It is possible that this is what Apple is trying to acquire, although we know that they want to build a self driving car, so perhaps that want both. If they manage to purchase McLaren it is estimated that it would be for around $2 Billion.

How do you feel about the potential Apple McLaren buyout? Scroll down to the comments and let us know.

Update: We are now hearing reports that Apple is not looking to buy McLaren.

  • King James

    I don’t think this will ever happen.

  • Jake NP

    If Apple does buy McLaren it could work out well.