By   September 25, 2016

Apple iCar

Apple iCar

Last week the news of Apple buying McLaren sent the Internet into a frenzy. The reported purchase (or at a minimum, investment) was later corrected by McLaren, stating that they are not in talks with Apple.

We do know that Apple has been wanting to get into the automotive industry. Reports are that they (similar to Google) are looking to build an all-electric autonomous vehicle.

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Unlike Google, who is known for minimal design, Apple is know for making beautiful machines because they think differently. Our friends at TopSpeed have sent us the above rendering of what they think the “Apple iCar” would look like.

Enthusiast’s Point of View

We think this rendering looks somewhat similar to the BMW i8. From a design stand point we like the looks of it and we know from past designs that Apple has made, that an “iCar” would likely be aesthetically beautiful. We also know from Tesla that an electric car can be very fast.

However, if the idea of the car is to only have it driver itself that would keep it out of any true enthusiast’s wish list. The emotional involvement of an electric car is already lacking thanks to its lack of sound and numb feeling when driving. So, while this would be great for long commutes or family trips, for enjoyable driving you’ll want another driver’s car.

Your Thoughts

We know you are an enthusiast just like us. What do you think of the iCar rendering and the idea of a car from Apple in general? Scroll down to the comments and join the conversation.

  • Niel

    Not sure it will look like that, but I would take one of it did.

  • Some call me Tim

    It will look a bit like that but not exactly. Can’t really get behind the driverless cars.

  • Jason

    I don’t like it at all.