By   November 9, 2016

Donald Trump

Donald Trump

We just had a very close election in which many feel that neither candidate was their top choice. As of the time of this writing it looks like Donald Trump will be our next president. We know he owns some incredible cars and he may make things easier on automakers selling in this country.

Legislation has quite an impact on what automakers are allowed to build. The President often leads the way on what restrictions are put in place, especially depending on their personal climate change beliefs.

From the standpoint of an automotive enthusiast a president that is a car guy would be huge for those that love fun vehicles. Just think of the incredible engines that could be made while still allowing manufactures to develop new technologies.

Vice President, Joe Bidden, is a car guy who owns a classic Corvette. Unfortunately, for him, he hasn’t been able to enjoy it on the road for nearly eight years. To protect the presidency, the Secret Service does not allow either the President or Vice President to drive on public roads.

This is the major reason that a true automotive enthusiast will likely never want to go for the highest office in the land. Can you imagine not being able to drive your pride and joy for four or eight years?

The only possible way around this restriction would be for a president to build their own track. However, this is not likely to be popular with voters if you use tax payer’s money. Donald Trump would be able to build one using his own money which is possible (or maybe Mexico can pay for it as well as the wall), but he gets driven around so often enough already that he likely be content to be a passenger.

Becoming President is a big sacrifice, even with all the perks. Too bad for the United States that most smart people don’t want the job.

Picture source: Stemoc