By   November 14, 2016

Singer Porsche 911

Singer Porsche 911

The Singer Porsche 911 is the car that most purists would like a new 911 to be. The flat-six engine sitting out back is offered in 3.6-liter, 3.8-liter and 4.0-liter displacements. But more importantly, all of these options are cooled by God’s good air.

The interior is a sea of leather with high quality accent materials. The build is custom to fit you in the most comfortable placement of all controls. In a hat tip to the enthusiast driver, a manual transmission is the only option.

The rear engined sports car is all about the experience. You can feel each bump in an enjoyable and not too harsh analog ride. The price of admission is high, but if you have the cash you’ll have what is possibly the best 911 that money can buy.

This video shows the Porsche 964 based car by Singer. The reimagined 911 features classic styling, but it is the sound that sends shivers down your spine.

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