By   November 18, 2016

The Grand Tour's Richard Hammond And James May

The Grand Tour’s Richard Hammond And James May

When Jeremey Clarkson was let go from Top Gear, many thought we may never see him work with James May and Richard Hammond again. We obviously don’t condone the punching of a BBC producer that led to Clarkson’s release (well, technically he resigned, but not truly by choice). However, we are glad that Clarkson, Hammond and May were able to get a new show and keep us entertained with cars.

In case you’ve been under a rock, their new show is called The Grand Tour and it is available streaming on-line through Amazon Prime. The show premieres at 12:01 am GMT on Friday, November 18th. This means for those of us in the United States, that the first episode was watchable on Thursday night.

We’ve watched the first episode and will refrain from any spoilers. All we will say is that we weren’t disappointed and enjoyed the episode very much (and it answered a lingering question from the last season of Top Gear). New episodes will be availability each Friday (our in our case Thursday night), over the next twelve weeks but you will have to wait a week to watch the next episode (unlike Netflix that releases a season at once).

This video is from an interview of Richard Hammond and James May on the BBC. Jeremy Clarkson was not allowed on the show and they weren’t even allowed to mention his name. The interview is entertaining and you can tell that there are still some hard feelings which appear to mainly be on the BBC side.

Watch the video and then scroll down to the comments and let us know what you think of it as well as how you liked the first episode of The Grand Tour once you’ve watched it.

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