By   January 29, 2017

Chris Brown's Lamborghini

Chris Brown’s Lamborghini

Chris Brown is not new to making headlines and not always for the right reasons. It is well known that the rapper has a number of expensive exotic automobiles including the above pictured Lamborghini Aventador. The Italian supercar can now be bought for half price as only half the car remains.

According to reports the car was found by police in the wrecked condition you see here after being abandoned in Beverly Hills. The driver was not found and Chris Brown apparently wasn’t aware that the car was missing.

The accident appears to have only involved a single car with the driver fleeing the scene. It is unknown if the Aventador was stolen without Brown knowing it yet or if something else happened to the Lamborghini.

As Mr. Brown is claiming that he didn’t know that the car was missing, it is unlikely that this accident was caused by a Valet taking a joyride. The investigation is ongoing but either someone that had access to the keys took the car, it was stolen or some important information is not being shared.

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Picture Source: Twitter

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