By   January 31, 2017

Protesters Blocking Cars

Protester Blocking Cars

There has been a lot of protesting recently here in the United States. Most of it has been peaceful, but some has turned very violent which is when a protest becomes a riot. People either think we are on the right track or well off the rails and passion is on display (sometimes for the better and sometimes for the worse).

Update: The video was removed from YouTube for showing violent content. We watched the video and there was no blood or anything like that, but it apparently violates their policy as was removed.

While we firmly agree that anyone should have the right to peacefully protest things that they think are wrong, there is still a need for common sense. You don’t need to be too bright to realize that criminal activity and plain stupid actions like standing in front of cars is not very smart.

Darwin suggested that survival of the fittest is the rule of nature. If this is correct, then the below video shows some people that would not be part of the fittest. When protesting it just isn’t a good idea to close a road by blocking it with your body. If a driver feels threatened for their lives, as people are climbing on our hitting their vehicle, they have the legal right to use their vehicle as a weapon.

If you are wanting to protest and want to march in the road it can easily be done safely. You simply need to contact your local police department and they can help arrange a time for a peaceful protest with law enforcement scheduled road closures. Otherwise this can happen to you.

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