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The McLaren 720S P14 #mclaren #720s #p14 #mclaren720s #mclarenp14

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McLaren 720S P14

The first model of the second generation Super Series will make its debut at the Geneva Motor Show. Last week we shared the leaked photo of the new McLaren 720S P14 which showed the car ahead of its public debut. The styling of the headlights and side has changed quite a bit and you can even see that from the above picture of the 720S wearing camouflage.

The outgoing generation of the Super Series had quite a chassis. It provided outstanding handling and grip while having ride quality that is far above most other supercars.

The 720s gets Proactive Chassis Control II which uses 12 additional sensors over the previous generation. These include an accelerometer on each wheel hub. This allows for the reading of inputs from the road as well as measuring the tire contact patch. The information is then analyzed in milliseconds by the Optimal Controller algorithm at the core of the system. This allows for the suspension damping to be optimized immediately.

This all sounds good, but the feature that will get headlines is the Variable Drift Control. The driver can simply charge settings on the infotainment system which allows for the Electronic Stability Control to kick in quicker or it can let things slide a bit more.

“Proactive Chassis Control II generates a significant amount of additional grip, but not at the expense of the balance and feel of the car,” said Mark Vinnels, Executive Director – Product Development, at McLaren Automotive. “The depth and breadth of handling precision and ride comfort in combination with the peerless level of driver involvement in the second-generation McLaren Super Series is simply extraordinary.”

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