By   February 3, 2017

Protesters Blocking Cars

Porsche 993 Turbo or Ferrari 512TR

Porsche or Ferrari is a debate that has been argued many times. In general Porsche is more attainable, has good performance, incredible engineering and is dependable enough to drive everyday. Ferraris have amazing performance, higher maintenance costs, get noticed a little more and are generally just weekend vehicles.

This video from Doug DeMuro features a comparison between a 993 generation Porsche 911 Turbo and a Ferrari 512TR. These are two of the best sports cars of the 90’s, but how do they compare today? Doug puts them to the test and shows just what makes a Porsche and a Ferrari so different.

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  • Lisa

    What a awesome sound the the Ferrari has and the cool exotic look, but the Porsche Turbo is the sports car for me. The Porsche also has the sound and great looks. You can drive it every day if you want too. Plus you won’t break the bank in maintenance!