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986 Porsche Boxster R

Project Porsche Boxster R

The 986 Porsche Boxster is perhaps the best value in the used Porsche Market. The affordable mid-engined sports car can be had for as little as $5,000 for and example in good running condition. Because of the low cost of entry and the relatively large amount of early Boxsters produced makes them a perfect candidate as a project car.

With that knowledge we are introducing our 986 generation Porsche Boxster R project. The concepr for the project will follow the example of the new 911 R and Cayman GT4 / Boxster Spyder. The idea is to build something that could have come from the factory had a hard core road version of the Boxster been produced in the early Boxster years.

You can skip to our first article of the project, simple weight reduction, here.

The Base Boxster

We start with a nearly stock 1999 Porsche Boxster. The car is powered by a 2.5-liter flat-six engine and has just over 80,000 miles on it at the time of this writing. The two current changes are a new convertible top with a glass rear window and full set of BFGoodrich g-Force Sport Comp-2 tires. Overall the car is in good shape with decent paint and body work, but it could use some paintless dent removal and a small amount of paint correction.

The Porsche Boxster R Plan

The plan is the follow the path of factory high performance Porsches and loose weight, improve the suspension, install larger brakes, improve performance and make the styling more aggressive.

1. Weight Reduction

Step one in all of this is weight reduction. We want to make the Boxster as light as possible without sacrificing any of its road going ability. This will mean removing unneeded parts, but without going full on racer interior. We are looking at removing 100-200 lbs. from the car, while still maintaining a factory look and feel.

2. Improve Suspension

The 986 Boxster is already a great handling car, but there is some room for improvement. Right now we are look at something like H&R springs, Eibach sway bars, and Bilstein sport struts, but we are still researching the best setup for the street with an occasionally track day.

3. Larger Brakes

In the corners and for safety good brakes make a huge difference. Because of this we are looking at sourcing some larger Boxster S brake calipers, pads and rotors.

4. Improve Performance

We are looking into a few options for better performance. They range from the tamer, performance exhaust, air intake and computer tune that is claimed to gain over 20 horsepower all the way to a full out 3.4-liter 996 sourced flat-six engine transplant.

No matter which way we go we want to keep it reliable and usable as a daily driver. We will also make some changes that help with reliability, such as adding a third radiator to help with cooling.

5. Style

Lastly we want the Porsche Boxster R to have a tasteful style that lets people know it is ready for high performance without looking like a modified Honda. We are planning for subtle and practical changes such as a GT3 style front bumper that will allow for cooling in the third radiator. Styling changes like a fixed rear spoiler and possibly a Boxster Spyder style convertible top would further give a high performance look and feel while also helping with weight reduction.

The Journey Starts

So we start working on the Porsche Boxster R project. We will keep you updated as we make changes with details of what we did and how you could do them yourself (often including a video). If you follow our friends over at FlatSixes, then you may have seen their Porsche Boxster Clubsport project. We’ve followed that and will use their ideas as a springboard, but we are looking to take it to the next level of performance and keeping a more finished factory look.

Scroll down to the comments to let us know what you think of the Porsche Boxster R project concept and also let us know about your own projects cars.

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  • Pendleton-Gazette

    Would love to take a test drive in one of these.

    • davidhurth

      They drive really well and the best thing is they don’t cost too much to purchase.