By   June 14, 2017

Project Porsche Boxster R

Project Porsche Boxster R

A few weeks ago we told you about our latest project, Porsche Boxster R. The idea is to take an early 986 generation Boxster and transform it into a harder core machine in the vein of the 911 R, GT3 and Cayman GT4. In doing so we want to get an idea of what it would cost to build the ultimate 986 Boxster.

You can read more about the idea behind Porsche Boxster R here.

To make the car into a race car for the street, we’ll reduce weight, beef up the suspension and add some additional power. While doing all of these we want to give it a purposeful styling (but without looking like a tuned Honda) and try to make it look like something the factory would have built.

The first step in the project is weight reduction. In the below video we start with the low hanging fruit of removal of the spare tire, jack, tools and the storage unit behind the driver. We then figure out the weight loss from just these two items and talk about what you need to leave in the car and how to be prepared should you get a flat tire.

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