By   December 15, 2017

Porsche 911 GT3 with Touring Package

Porsche 911 GT3 with Touring Package

The Porsche 911 R proved that plenty of people would like a GT3 without a rear wing the size of one you would expect on a “rice rocket”. Sure it is an asset on the track, but many potential GT3 owners will rarely, if ever, take their cars on a track. Some folks want the naturally aspirated performance without all the extra attention that a GT3 brings. Simply put the R has all the performance and driving experience that you want for a twisty back road with more grown-up styling.

So many people wanted the limited edition 911 R that prices have skyrocketed. Examples have been resold for over $1 million with average prices hovering around $400,000. That’s quite a markup from a car that had an MSRP starting at $184,900. When you think of that it’s kind of like a tangible Bitcoin for people that ready have roughly $200,000 (or can at least get auto financing for that amount).

With prices so high on flipping new 911 R models, Porsche saw both the market for the GT3 with Touring Package and a way to hopefully reduce the car flipping trend. While automakers don’t mind their cars being resold for a higher price, as it makes their vehicles in higher demand, companies like Porsche would like for people to own their new cars for at least a little while before selling them to the next buyer.

Porsche’s “911 Boss”, August Achleitner, has confirmed that the Porsche 911 GT3 with Touring Package was partly released to slow the 911 R resale market. When asked about the R market he told Road & Track “We don’t like that.”

With only 991 Porsche 911 R models produced, it will likely continue to be a sought after model. The 911 R offers a different and slightly more engaging driving experience than the GT3 with Touring Package offers. While prices of R examples may stay in demand, Porsche’s move to release the 911 GT3 with Touring Package looks to slow this demand a bit and should result in lower values for 2017 R models (and there was much rejoicing, unless you want to flip an R).

Even so, it doesn’t look like those fortunate enough to buy a 911 R will be loosing any money. Beyond this we automotive enthusiasts win as there are now more options for the ultimate in naturally aspirated Porsche 911 driving experiences.

If you had the money which would you go for? Scroll down to the comments at let us know if you would prefer the Porsche 911 R or the 911 GT3 with Touring Package.

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  • Johan A Furebotten

    I’d have a GT3 Touring with rear seats, in guards red, with gold wheels thank you!