By   March 13, 2018

Matt Farah Heel Toe Shifting

Heel Toe Shifting

One of the more advance driving techniques is that of heel toe shifting. The idea is to allow for hard braking while keeping the engine RPMs in the appropriate range for the down shift to allow acceleration out of the corner.

The technique is very useful to help achieve faster lap times. While mainly used on the track many will heel toe on a twisty back road. This provides good practice for the next track day.

Heel toe shifting is a dying art. With even performance car makers moving away from the traditional manual transmission, the need to learn how to perform the technique is no longer there. Even traditional manual transmissions, like that on newer Porsche 911s now use computers to blip the throttle for you when downshifting.

Getting heel toe shifting down can be one of the most rewarding driving experiences. When you get it right you feel so connected to your car and there is nothing like it.

Explaining how to heel toe shift can get you so far and pictures help a bit more. However, seeing someone actually show how to accomplish a heel toe is the most helpful way to learn. This video features Matt Farah explaining how to heel toe, but more importantly it features a camera set on his feet as well as showing the tachometer.

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