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Honda S2000

Honda S2000

The Honda S2000 has a cult following. People who own the cars just enjoy them and most don’t want to ever sell them. The fact that through it’s production run only 66,547 were sent to the United States helps make it a bit more special than most other cars made by Japanese manufacturers.

Finding an affordable Honda S2000 is quite a task. A quick search found that most decent examples cost around $25,000 dollars. If you go for a higher mileage example of an early model prices go down as low as $15,000.

But is there another sports car that is better and costs less?

The 2000 Honda S2000 offers 240 horsepower from a 2.0-liter in-line four cylinder engine. That sounds great and it is, but all that power is at the top end above 6,000 RPMs. There also isn’t a huge amount of torque with just 153 lb-ft. All this is good enough that when pushed the S2000 can launch from 0-60 mph in 6.8 seconds according to Car and Driver.

All this fun started at about $30,000 for the 2000 model. When you figure that a cheap S2000 is now about $15,000, with closer to $20,000 being more realistic, you can see that the almost 20 year old car has held its value.

From a performance stand point the early Porsche Boxster is comparable to the early Honda S2000. The early 986 Boxster is a well balanced mid-engined roadster powered by a 201 horsepower 2.5-liter flat-six engine. While that is quite a bit less than the Honda the 181 lb-ft. of torque helps it feel quicker at lower RPMs. Porsche claimed the 1997 – 1999 Boxster could launch from 0-60 mph in 6.7 seconds although both Motor Trend and Road and Track managed it in 6 seconds flat. To accomplish this you still have to rev it a bit with a good amount of power coming above the 4,500 RPM mark.

Currently values of the early 986 Boxster are much more affordable. You can find working examples for as low as $5,000 and for about $7,500 you can get a well maintained lower mileage example. In the $10,000 – $15,000 you can move up to the Porsche Boxster S with its 3.2-liter flat-six offering 250 horsepower and a Porsche claimed 5.8 second 0-60 mph time (and some magazines of the time managed a 5.5 second time).

Of course maintenance costs for the Honda are probably a little less expensive. However, if you get a well maintained Boxster (especially either an early model with the double row IMS bearing or one that has a retrofit installed) it won’t cost too much to keep it on the road.

When the Honda S2000 and Porsche Boxster first came out the Boxster started at about $10,000 more. How the tables have turned and now an early Boxster will cost you about $10,000 less than an early Honda S2000. Even an early Boxster S can be had for less than an S2000.

When we tried to figure out why the Honda S2000 costs more than the early Porsche Boxster, there is one major factor. The S2000 is a very desirable car and one made in small enough numbers that the demand is high. Honda has a large following and a reputation for making dependable cars. For Honda lovers wanting a sports car the Honda S2000 is one of the more affordable choices as the NSX costs about twice as much. While the Porsche Boxster has a good following and it is enjoyed by all that experience it, it just simply is not a 911. Outside of some supercars the majority of Porsche enthusiasts mainly covet the Boxster’s rear engined sibling.

Given this information would you rather save some cash and drive a Porsche Boxster or get a Honda S2000 and figure it will retain more value? Scroll down to the comments and let us know what you would drive.

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