By   March 21, 2018

Ferrari F355

Ferrari F355

You’ve worked hard and finally have enough money to buy a Ferrari. Well, you actually made the wise decision to finance the Ferrari so that you can invest the cash that you would have put into the car and get a higher rate of return. You’ve got everything in order and are off to the big city to buy the Italian car of your dreams.

The problem is, unlike brands like Lamborghini, McLaren and Porsche, you can’t simply walk in and buy a Ferrari. Owning a Ferrari is a more involved process and you normally can’t just go to a dealership and buy a new Ferrari.

So, just what is it like to purchase a new Ferrari?

To buy a new car wearing a prancing horse normally requires that you wait six to twelve months before getting the car and this is if you are approved for the purchase. The more exclusive the model the harder it is to get. One thing that helps get into that new Ferrari faster (although it may not help you buy a limited edition model) is to own a used Ferrari bought through an authorized dealer. If you can show ownership history of the extremely exclusive marquee you are more likely to get the purchase approved.

This video from old, old Top Gear, gives you an idea of what it is like to buy and own a new Ferrari (or at least it was new at the time). Of course some of it is theatrical to make it more entertaining in typical Jeremy Clarkson fashion. You could just buy another car easier, but if your dream is to own a Ferrari, then it is worth jumping through hoops to get it in your garage.

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