By   April 5, 2018

Porsche Boxster Ad

Porsche Boxster Ad

Cars are a large part of our lives. The automobile allows freedom, but cars can come in two flavors. They can either be boring or can add excitement to your life.

For many of us a car is a utilitarian machine. It’s all about getting from point a to point b while hauling our things. But, if you are thinking that way you may be missing something huge.

This video features a classic commercial from over 20 years ago. The footage talks about how driving can quickly become mundane over the years. But the sports car (and the Porsche Boxster in particular) can get the fun back when you fancy a drive.

Check out the video and then scroll down to the comments and let us know what car gives you that good feeling.

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  • Jerry Green

    Looks like fun. Not as much fun as I have driving my Audi S5 or TT roadster.

    • David

      Sounds like you have a great garage.