By   April 16, 2018

Ferrari Ownership

Ferrari Ownership

Owning an exotic car like a Ferrari or Lamborghini is the dream of many people. Unfortunately, few get to experience ownership of a true exotic car as the price of entry of even used cars is often out of reach.

But what if you work very hard (or win the Lottery) and can finally get that Ferrari or Lamborghini or exclusive Porsche? Just what is an exotic car like to live with.

Fortunately, thanks to YouTube and Doug DeMuro, we have an idea. Doug has owned some exotic and exclusive cars, including a Ferrari 360. When he owned the car he made plenty of videos that showed what it is like to own a Ferrari.

Check out the below videos that show how even getting gasoline can be an interesting experience with an exotic car. The other videos also show just how it affects the opposite sex, why you should let your friends drive your car and one compares a used Ferrari to a new Porsche Cayman S.

Have fun watching the videos and then let us know what is your dream car in the comments below.

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