By   April 30, 2018

Porsche Boxster Desnorkel

Porsche Boxster Desnorkel

The desnorkel modification is a very popular one for owners of Porsche Boxsters and Caymans. The mod can be done on 986, 987 and 981 generation cars. Some claim that it is a free way to add horsepower to your Porsche Boxster or Cayman.

But does removal of the snorkel actually add any horsepower?

There have been claims that because of reducing restriction of the air flow into the intake, a modest horsepower gain is made. We found on one forum that a 986 Boxster owner has before and after dyno proof that the modification adds 5 horsepower.

Of course we are still skeptical about the horsepower gain. The bigger reason to do it is that it makes some sound improvements. If you include this with some exhaust modifications your Boxster or Cayman will sound more purposeful.

This short video talks about if the desnorkel modification adds any horsepower. It also shows you how to do the mod (as well as what not to do) and features the before and after sound.

Watch the video and then scroll down to the comments and let us know what you think of the desnorkel modification.

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