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Porsche 964 And Ferrari 355

Porsche 964 And Ferrari 355

Porsche or Ferrari; it is a debate that has raged since the two rivals first battled it out on the track. Ferrari makes the more expensive road cars and they are made purely for speed. In fact the Italian automaker started producing road legal machines to help finance their racing efforts.

Porsche on the other hand is a sports car that comes from relatively humble roots. The early sports cars had many parts sourced from Volkswagen, but Porsche transformed all of this into quite a sports car. The original Porsche 356 and 550 Spyder showed just what an air-cooled flat-four engine could do, but the 911 is what really made the German performance car maker into a legend.

In the 90’s the Ferrari F355 and Porsche 911 (964) where two of the most sought after cars, but which is the better drive?

The Ferrari F355 was an incredible sports car for its time. The styling was just about perfect and the intoxicating exhaust note made the high price tag seem worth it. Sure it had common issues of Italian sports cars of the period.

For example, even though the interior was mainly covered in leather, there were still enough plastic bits that tend to melt in the heat to keep it from looking perfect. When the F355 is driving it is a great fun machine, but maintenance costs can be quite high. This is highlighted by the fact that a belt change that should happen every 5,000 miles or three years (although many stretch this out to 10,000 miles or five years) requires the removal of the mid-mounted engine. Perhaps in the first Fast and Furious movie, that is what the F355 owner was really talking about when he said “more than you can afford pal”.

Where the F355 is a car for special occasions and will sit in most peoples garage more than on the road, the Porsche 964 is a much different beast. The 911 has a dependable air-cooled flat-six that will go practically forever if well maintained. Sure you could argue that the Ferrari would do the same, but the maintenance costs of the 964 are much lower. For example, to change a belt you don’t need to remove the engine and there are no radiator problems, since there is no radiator. Parts can be pricy as can service shops, but they are nowhere near Ferrari prices.

What we have here are two very different sports cars. The Porsche is one that you can live with as a daily driver. The cost to maintain it isn’t terrible and if you are handy you can do much of the maintenance yourself. The Ferrari on the other hand is a great weekend cruiser. It is one that you may only put 1,000 miles on in a year, but you’ll have a smile on for each of those miles (providing nothing stops working).

In a perfect world you would own both. One for daily driving and the other for special occasions. But, if you could only have one what would it be? Scroll down to the comments and let us know.

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