By   May 15, 2018

Porsche 964

Porsche 964

There are a few ways that Porsche ownership usually goes. People will either keep it mostly stock or start modifying it. Often when you go the modification route, it starts with one or two small mods and then it can quickly snowball into a much bigger project.

Porsche sports cars have a racing DNA and with a some minor performance improvements it really starts to show. For example, with some suspension upgrades alone the handling of a Porsche can go from quite good to great.

For those wanting to make their Porsche more hard core, it starts with weight reduction. In a 911, things like removal of the rear seats, removal of some sound deadening and lightweight seats can make the rear engined sports car just that much more aggressive.

This video shows a modified Porsche 964 that features a good amount of weight reduction, suspension upgrades and a modified air-cooled flat-six. Check out the performance machine and then scroll down to the comments and let us know of any modifications that you’ve done to your car.

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  • Julian Leichter

    Supercharged, inter-cooled C4 993 6-speed, lowered onto 18″ OZ 3-piece forged racing wheels with Bilstein PSS-10s.

    • Jimmy

      Wow that sounds like a fun ride. Enjoy driving it.

      • Julian Leichter

        Thanks Jimmy. I do.