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Porsche Boxster

Porsche Boxster

For guys that drive a Porsche Boxster nothing is more irritating than hearing that a Boxster is a “Girl’s Car”. There is a school of thought that thinks that just about all convertibles are feminine. This is a fairly recent phenomenon and the Boxster is a victim.

But, why is this? What makes some people (mostly trolls on the internet) think that a Boxster driver should not be a man?

Porsche 550 Spyder

The Porsche Boxster was designed to be a modern rendition of the legendary 550 Spyder. The classic roadster has very similar lines to the Boxster and nobody called the 550 a feminine vehicle. The fact that it is linked to James Dean doesn’t hurt it’s cool image.

Nearly all of the Boxster’s detractors have never driven one. In fact, many people that make comments about the Boxster are young folks that can’t afford the open-aired sports car (by afford we mean to own it, although thy may be able to purchase an early example).

Porsche Boxster Spyder

The earliest 986 Boxsters had 201 horsepower, which wasn’t bad back in 1997. The 986 was in development at the same time as the 996 variant of the 911, with the Boxster being released first. As a result the 986 Boxster shared 40 percent of its parts with the more expensive 911. This is clearly seen by the fact that the front of the 986 and 996 are almost exactly the same as is most of the interior.

Over the years the Boxster has evolved, it’s added more and more power for all variants. All this led up to the most recent Boxster Spyder with its flat-six engine sources from the 911 Carrera S. Through most of the Boxster’s life it has featured a naturally aspirated flat-six engine sitting right in the middle. This recently changed to a lower displacement turbocharged flat-four engine (which, thanks to technology, makes more power than the outgoing six cylinder). The turbocharged power plants where introduced with the 718 Boxster, which also marked a change as the Boxster is no longer the entry level sports car for the Porsche lineup. It now sits just above its hardtop sibling, the 718 Cayman.

All generations of the Boxster are good handling quick sports cars. If it were made by just about any other company, it would be the crown jewel of the model lineup. So, why is it that the Boxster is considered by some to be a “girl’s car”?

Going back to how James Dean, and Hollywood in general, is related to the Porsche 550 Spyder. The James Dean connection just pumps out cool (even if it is also associated with his tragic death). However, Hollywood has not been as kind to the Boxster.

The 986 Boxster was the car of Elle Woods in the first Legally Blond movie. This certainly gave off the image of it being a feminine driving machine. Another example is the below clip from Two and a Half Men. The episode features some put downs of the Boxster as a “girl’s car”. However, it also shows the small Porsche driving at speed.

These types of generalizations are what make “internet experts” think they know all about the Boxster. It is one thing to give your impressions after driving one, but to just say that a car is feminine because of what you saw on TV or because the top opens is just misguided. Surely, the MX-5 guys know this all too well.

These roadsters are some of the great cars and for people to put them down without even getting behind the wheel is sad. Making statements like that a car is a “girl’s car” can stop some people from trying it out and they will miss out on a wonderful driving experience. The moral of the story is to drive what you like and not care what others think, especially if they have never driven it themselves.

Now scroll down to the comments and let us know what you think of the Porsche Boxster and roadsters in general.

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  • Julian Leichter

    Love convertibles in general and the 718 Boxster in particular.

    • Jimmy

      All Boxsters are good looking cars, but newest cars are drop dead gorgeous.

  • Lisa

    Haters going to hate. Just jealous they don’t have a Porsche.

    • Jimmy

      You can say that again. A lot of people that make negative comments have never driven any Porsche let alone the Boxster.

  • Erik Verdeyen

    I own a Cayman GT4 and a 1997 Boxster I bought second hand some 8 years ago – 4th hand. The 20 000 km I put on it were a blast. I drove it in France, Italy, Spain on mountain roads and it’s a terrific car. It has almost half the horsepower of my GT4 but that doesn’t bother me. Even with 204 HP, it’s a competent car with very good handling, easy and fun to drive. In Europe you can pick up a good one for under 10k and it will not disappoint you. Go for the 2.7 or s versions and you’ll have all the car you want for a very reasonable price.