By   May 29, 2018

Porsche Boxster

Porsche Boxster

The Porsche Boxster is a well balanced mid-engined sports car. It now sits just above the 718 Cayman in the model lineup, but was held back as the entry level vehicle for much of its production. The seductive lines of the roadster harken back to the legendary 550 Spyder and the 718 RSK Spyder that followed it.

The Boxster incorporates styling that looks like a Porsche with its arched fenders and low ride. The earliest 986 generation cars had a front end that looked exactly like the 996 generation 911, except for the bumper styling.

People either love or hate the Porsche Boxster. Many love its comparatively affordable price compared to a 911 (although still not inexpensive). The latest 718 Boxster starts at $57,400, but prices can quickly go over $80,000 with options for the non-S model. A well optioned Boxster S can cost over $100,000. For this you get a quick roadster that handles like little else on the road.

This video talks about what you will hear if you drive a Boxster. We like to call it, “the good, the bad and the internet”. Some things you’ll hear driving a Porsche Boxster will make you feel like you have a very special machine and others will quickly humble you.

Check out the video and then scroll down to the comments and let us what you think about what people say to Boxster owners. If you drive a Boxster let us know what comments you’ve heard.

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