By   June 6, 2018

Plymouth Prowler

Plymouth Prowler

The Plymouth Prowler is one of the most unique looking modern cars. In the late 90’s the vehicle combined hot rod inspired styling with modern driving.

The Prowler was met with mixed reviews. Styling wise it stands out with its wedge shape and opened fender front wheels. The only thing that spoils the retro style are those pesky mandated bulky bumpers.

The Prowler started making production making 214 horsepower from a 3.5-liter V6. In 1999 power rose up to 253 horsepower. This made it a good performing machine for the time. Unfortunately, a four-speed automatic transmission keeps the performance from being stellar. Combine this with the harsh ride and you can see how it is both a fun ride and at times difficult to live with.

The thing about the Plymouth Prowler is that it is a great value right now. For under $30,000 you can buy a very unique vehicle that will get you plenty of attention. If only it had a manual transmission, it would be just about a perfect driving experience.

With such a unique car that is relatively rare, the Prowler has the potential to be a valuable collector car. The Plymouth has managed to retain its value pretty well and as these become modern classic cars (the oldest examples are over 20 years old already), values could take off. That means that if you want to own a Prowler that now may be your best chance to pay the lowest rate.

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