By   June 7, 2018

Porsche 911 GT3

Porsche 911 GT3

The latest Porsche 911 GT3 reintroduced the traditional manual transmission. The first 991 generation GT3 removed the option with a PDK being the only option to shift gears. This decision makes complete sense.

Both Ferrari and Lamborghini have already moved away from manual transmissions, but Porsche was the last of three most influential performance car makers to still feature a traditional manual in their higher performance models. Porsche’s Italian counterparts realized that a dual clutch automatic inspired by Formula 1 has a performance advantage.

Is the manual transmission now an unnecessary piece of equipment?

On the race track there is no question what transmission you want. A human simply can’t shift as fast as the computer in a car equipped with a dual clutch transmission. When on the track even a small performance advantage can shave seconds off of your lap times.

That is great on the track, but most of us don’t drive on the track (at least not most of the time). If you buy a sports car usually you will be driving on public roads. Ideally, back twisty roads, but even on city streets the dual clutch gearbox is overkill.

Not only is the quicker dual clutch unnecessary on the road, but it removes the driver somewhat from the driving experience. With a third pedal and a shifter lever the driving experience is much better. Man and machine are just so much more connected when rowing your own.

Sure if you only drive in a congested city like San Francisco, the manual will quickly tire out a driver. The same can be said for folks with knee problems as using a clutch pedal can be too much.

But if you are driving on a back twisty road and have no knee issues, the manual just makes for a more involved experience. It is something that makes you want to drive just a bit more.

Scroll down to the comments and let us know if you prefer a manual or dual clutch transmission.

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  • Doc

    Thre pedal guy!

    • Jimmy

      Agree with you. It’s just more fun.

  • Doc

    Three pedal guy.

  • Lisa

    Wouldn’t want to drive a manual as a daily driver but the weekends and a twisty mountain road, manual all day!!