By   June 17, 2018

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Bisimoto Porsche Boxster

Bisimoto has transformed a 2000 Porsche Boxster into a pure race car. They took the well balanced chassis and striped it of as much weight as possible. The 986 has a fully stripped interior with a full cage and a hard top.

Before you think this is just a Boxster Spec race car, Bisimoto didn’t stop there. To make sure there is perfect balance the driver sits right in the middle and the pedals adjust to the driver’s size. This ensures that the corner balance is perfect. There is extensive use of carbon fiber, including the hard top modeled after a Porsche Cayman (which causes some confusion).

The 986 generation Boxster started out life as a standard 2.7-liter car. It retains the original power plant, but with forced induction. The result of adding twin-turbochargers is a car that makes 450 horsepower in a package that weights about 2,500 lbs with fluids (excluding the driver). That power-to-weight ration helps the Boxster punch way above its weight class.

You can tell a lot of work went into this track toy. For example, we assume that the 2.7-litter engine went through some strengthening to help it endure the added force of the turbochargers. While this is a no compromising car, it shows how well the 986 Boxster chassis can handle a good amount of power. It is, perhaps, the perfect Boxster (at least on the track).

The Bisimoto Porsche Boxster project car is currently going through testing. Our friend Matt Farah was given the chance to put the car through its paces at Buttonwillow Raceway. The below video shows Matt driving the car, so you can see and hear the modified 986.

Check out the video and then scroll down to the comments and let us know what you think of Bisimoto’s build.

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