By   June 26, 2018

Porsche 944S

Porsche 944S

We recently, announced a new column on this publication called “Reader’s Rides”. In each article, we will be sharing a cool ride sent to us from one of our readers. The hope is that this will allowing our community to get closer together.

Today we have this Porsche 944S.

The Porsche 944S is a fairly rare car to see. The S model had power increased to 187 horsepower versus the 158 horsepower in the standard 944 of the time. This makes it a bit faster and more powerful, although you do need to rev it out to get to most of that additional power. This particular 944S is a daily driver in decent running condition, but it does have some cosmetic needs. The owner of the car is a big Porsche enthusiast and he also has a 986 Porsche Boxster with a 3.4-liter engine swap sourced from a 996 generation 911 Carrera.

If you have a ride that you would like for us to share, send us a picture and you just may appear on our on-line publication. To submit your ride simply email a picture to and tell us about your ride. Our hope is to share a new ride each week (if we get enough submissions we will share one daily).

Now send us a picture of your pride and joy and then scroll down to the comments and let us know what you think of today’s ride.

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