By   August 4, 2018

Lamborghini Diablo

Lamborghini Diablo

The Lamborghini Diablo was one of the fastest supercars in the 90’s. While the McLaren F1 was faster, the Diablo has styling that screams look at me.

The Lamborghini has a wedge shape that looks like it is going 250 mph when it is just standing still. The V12 powered Italian performance machine is a work of art.

The Diablo is from the last generation of analog supercars. This was before dual-clutch transmissions, torque vectoring and traction control. To drive a 90’s Lamborghini quickly on the track you needed superhuman skills.

All of this adds to the driving experience. Where most modern high performance machines are somewhat muted, the Diablo feels fast at any speed.

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